Tuesday, 21 August 2012

AFC Bournemouth's Top Five Number 9s

Ted MacDougall
To celebrate the start of Prostate Cancer UK’s Football League charity partnership, here is an article I've written after the charity asked fans from each of the 72 Football League clubs to count down their top five strikers to have worn the No9 shirt. This is in recognition of the fact that prostate cancer will affect one in nine men.

If players never wore No9, they weren't allowed in, so no Jermain Defoe, Luther Blissett, etc in my Top 5. You can check who made the Top 5 for your favourite club here.

Please feel free to plug my article or any of the others through social media channels or anywhere you like. It will make a fantastic difference to a charity that is doing very important work to combat this depressingly common form of cancer.

On Twitter, it would be great if you could use the hashtag #bestno9s and/or mention that the piece was written “on behalf of @prostateuk”. Cheers!


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