Thursday, 21 June 2012

Italy XI to face England (in anagram form).

I like anagrams. I especially like footballing anagrams. With that in mind, I've taken my anagrammatic eye to Italy's Euro 2012 squad (not including the injured Chiellini, that would be cheating) and come up with a fully functional starting XI.

Rod Airplane could help Italy soar against England
Italy XI to face England at Euro 2012 (4-5-1 formation):

1. Denoting Sarcasm (Morgan de Sanctis, GK)
2. Haggis Mortician (Christian Maggio, RB)
3. A Chemical Urine Genie (Emanuele Giaccherini, LB)
4. Rod Airplane (Andrea Pirlo, DM)
5. Angel On A Bongo (Angelo Ogbonna, CB)
6. Caboodle Unicorn (Leonardo Bonucci, CB)
7. Aniseed Soldier (Daniele De Rossi, RM)
8. Ornate Onion Icon (Antonio Nocerino, CM)
9. Alien Toad Nation (Antonio Di Natale, FC)
10. A Malicious Orchid (Claudio Marchisio, CM)  
11. Nationalised Dramas (Alessandro Diamanti, LM)

Reckon that team could take England? Quite possibly.

As you can see, anagrams are no respecter of reputations, so the likes of Buffon, Cassano and Balotelli are brutally cast aside. I was particularly disappointed not to come up with an anagram for Mario Balotelli. If you can think of a good one, let me know.

All hail the Alien Toad Nation


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