Monday, 25 July 2011

A rant about one of the dirtiest players in football history: Kevin Muscat

Another guest blog from me this week. The chaps at Magic Spongers have been publishing an interesting series of rants about the unlovable protagonists of the football world in recent weeks. When they asked me if I'd be interested in taking part, there was only one man I wanted to write about.

Kevin Muscat was a solid full-back who has enjoyed a long career in football. Sadly, he is cursed by his tendency to be overcome with angst and fury, and has made some absolutely appalling challenges on opponents during his career - even curtailing one Premier League player's career.

Here's the piece over at the Magic Spongers site. Do leave a comment if it provokes a response, and please share it with anyone else who may find it interesting. You should follow Magic Spongers on Twitter too: @magicspongers.


Ross White said...

Andy Hessenthaler had a lucky escape there!

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